Beyond Citations – The Historian’s Altmetrics

Paper given at Keystone Digital Humanities Conference July 24, 2015, cross posted on the LSE Impact Blog   How Dataviz Changed (how I think about) History (of women’s liberation) Almetrics is a buzzword I’ve shameless repurposed to give some cachet to my desire to find women who contributed to this academic artifact called “feminist theory” […]

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Stuck in the middle, Chicago is between New York and DC

while geographically Chicago seemed distant from the centers of what we now think of as the powerhouses of early radical feminism, Chicago played a pivotal role, both in disseminating early women’s liberation thought, but also as a position in between the movement “heavies” of DC and the radical feminists of New York.  As socialist feminist, […]

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“Bodies that Matter: Embodied Discourses in the Black Woman Suffragists Database”

Michelle Moravec, Ph.D. @professmoravec, paper presented at Women’s History in the Digital World 2015, Bryn Mawr College, May 22, 2015   The more I worked, the angrier I became. I began to fantasize about digitally righting the wrongs of the past, gluing back into the six volume History of Woman Suffrage (HWS) the writings of all the black women […]

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For Disrupting the Digital Humanities, edited by Dorothy Kim and Jesse Strommel, Punctum Books My hashtag title riffs on the parallels I perceive between narratives of American exceptionalism and U.S. based digital humanities. It is a sign of my own AE that I originally chose #DHexceptionalism and not #USDHexceptionalism which I leave as a visible […]

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Beyond Citations: Who gets counted when we count?

The digital component that accompanies chapter Consciousness. Visualizations for presentation, talk coming soon.     Beyond Citations*: Who gets counted when we count? Keystone Digital Humanities, University of Pennsylvania, July 22-24, 2015.   While citation analysis of academic journals has become a common method for characterizing scholarly networks in the digital humanities, my project attempts […]

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When your historical evidence is numbers

Thanks to Micki Kauffman’s gracious invitation to participate in Text Analysis, Visualization, and Historical Interpretation  I am giving a paper Using Big Data to Answer Historiographical Questions; or, Can Digital History Fulfill the Promise of Social History? at the American Historical Association meetings.  I want to also acknowledge Chris Forster who generously aided me with some xml file issues, […]

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Comments more than welcome.  Due to increased traffic volume, spam filter is set on high, but I will fish your comment out of moderator limbo! Thanks to William G. Thomas III, I was invited to sit on a panel sponsored by the Association for Computers and the Humanities, Blogging and the Future of Scholarship, at the American […]

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