Cast of Characters

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Roxanne Dunbar self described “poor white” and “daughter of a landless farmer and half-Indian mother.” Active in Boston’s Cell 16

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Suzanne Lacy performance artist, student in Fresno Feminist Art Program, Cal Arts Feminist Art Program, TA at FSW and then teacher at FSW.  Best known for large scale collaborative public performance art work.  Although Lacy had many guest academic appointments it was not until 1987 that she began working full time as the dean of the From 1987-97 she was Dean of the School of Fine Arts at the California College of Arts)
3. Sheila de Bretteville although now a tenured faculty member at Yale i n1973 de Bretteville left academia to co-found an alternative feminist art program and did not return to traditional academia until 1981 when she founded the Department of Communication at Otis College of Art and Design2.

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Source: https://politicsofwomensculture.michellemoravec.com/cast-of-characters/